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SimulationStarterKit is an extensible plugin-based entity-component-system  engine, editor and SDK that supports the creation of interactive applications across a range of platforms and devices. Release notes are here.

  • Create and single-click-deploy micro games and guis to Android, Windows and Linux as small as 3MB
  • Zero compilation times if you build your scene in the editor using the bundled libraries
  • Fully scriptable (including GUI creation)
  • Generated applications depend only upon OpenGL and SDL2 (i.e. no 3rd party GPL or LGPL  libraries) and  so are free to distribute with no licensing requirements
  • Build your application in the editor and then publish to a range of platforms
  • C++ / lua / CMake / OpenGL 3.3 core profile (desktop) / OpenGL ES 3.2 (Android) based engine
  • Scripting support (Lua)
  • Versioned serialisation of scenes
  • Auto-managed memory (via reference counting)
  • Undo / redo all actions performed within the editor
  • Import models from a wide variety of formats
  • Bundles with plugins for physics, constructive solid geometry and more

email: ben@fireflytech.org

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