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SimulationStarterKit is a  plugin / ECS based cross-platform graphical editor, engine and SDK for building simple interactive scenes.

A list of features include:

  • Generated games / published scenes depend only upon OpenGL and SDL2 so are free to distribute with no licensing requirements
  • Fast compilation times (as your games are linking to a prebuilt framework and your logic is split across plugins)
  • A customisable plugin entity-component-system based SDK and editor
  • Hand written C++ / CMake / OpenGL 3.3 core profile (desktop) / OpenGL ES 3.2 (Android) / SDL2 based engine. Editor widgets (only) are Qt based.
  • Pluggable renderer support (use the provided OpenGL 3.3 renderer or  your own by conforming to the SDKs renderer interface)
  • Bundles with an editor, runnable demos and code wizards for generating standalone games and plugins quickly that you can then develop, debug and run in your preferred editor
  • Scripting support (Lua)
  • Versioned serialisation of scenes
  • Out of the box scene editing tools
  • Undo / redo all actions performed within the editor
  • Import models from a wide variety of formats
  • Bundles with plugins for physics, constructive solid geometry and more
  • Extension points within the engine and editor to enable a high degree of customisation
  • Property and method reflection - properties and methods of components, systems and scene items are reflected on and can be accessed graphically in the editor and programatically either directly or through script
  • Shader support - simply drop your shader source files in a directory and start using them directly in the editor or via script
  • Shader reflection - engine reflects on shader properties so they can be edited, scripted and animated within the editor and engine
  • Animation support for any object property (right click an object -> Animate -> [property]) 

For details regarding new features and bug fixes see the dev log below or visit:

 www.fireflytech.org or email: info@fireflytech.org


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