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Turn your Windows / Steam Deck / Linux desktop or laptop and webcams into a smart AI-powered home security / activity detection and alerting system. 


  • Simply download and run the app on your existing laptop / desktop with an attached camera (or use your built-in camera) - no technical know-how needed.
  • Filter things to detect: Cats? Dogs? People? No problem. Simply select objects of interest and start detecting.
  • Capture detections to file: Capture detected object images as timestamped files to a customisable directory (It'll only write when it detects so no disk space wastage).
  • Play audio in response to detected objects: Play audio clips in response to detected objects (i.e. if you detect a cat then play a barking dog noise through a bluetooth speaker in your garden) for deterrence / alerting.
  • EMail detections to recipients: securely over SSL / SMTPS - available now. 
  • Single-click email alerting configuration (courtesy of OAuth2 - you only need a gmail address) COMING SOON.
  • Your privacy respected: This app does not perform any unauthorised network access. It only sends your detections to the mail recipients you specify if you opt into sending email.
  • Free access to all future product updates and releases upon purchasing

Example use-cases:

  • Safeguard your home / business's exterior writing any detected activity to a timestamped file by setting the objects of interest to people (the default) then point your camera at your driveway for instance 
  • Safeguard your garden / crops from unwanted animal intrusions by  setting the objects of interest  to:  cats | dogs | bears | horses | sheep | cows (and more besides - see the classifications csv file below for a complete list)  writing any detected activity to a timestamped file to inform humane counter measures
  • Early warning detection, alerting and deterrence  - point your camera at the area you want to monitor and then configure the app to play an audio clip in response to a detection for playback through a connected speaker (for alerting / deterrence)

Supported platforms:

  • Windows
  • Linux x86-64 / Valve Steam Deck
  • Android (COMING SOON)


  • Installation:
    • Windows - Download the zip file and extract and then run the start.bat file in the extracted folder to launch
    • Linux - Download and run the AppImage (you may need to make it executable depending on your linux distro) - IMPORTANT - UBUNTU 22.+ Users : you'll need to sudo apt install libfuse2 in order to run any AppImage.
  • Enabling detection:
    • Choose the connected camera (webcam, integrated cam etc)
    • Click the "Enable Object Detection" check box in the application's user interface
  • Filtering detected objects:
    • Simply select the objects you're interested in and off you go!
  • Capture detected objects to time-stamped files:
    • To capture your filtered detections to file set the "Write Detection To File" checkbox setting under the "Post Processing - Object Detection File Writing" setting section (it will write the images at the rate of 1 detection per second)
  • Playing audio on object detected:
    • To play audio in response to object detections set the "Play Audio" checkbox setting under the "PostProcessing - Play Sound On Detection" section and set the file path to the location of the audio file you want to play (mp3 or wav file)
  • Multiple cameras:
    • If you have multiple cameras then simply launch a copy of the app for each camera and configure the camera input and settings as appropriate
  • EMailing detections: configure your mail server settings to start receiving your detections over email!
  • Saving your configurations: Simply File -> Save As and then enter your settings file name to save your configuration (File -> Open to open it and restore your saved settings)


  1. PROBLEM: My camera image isn't being detected. SOLUTION: change the capture device index in the user interface until you locate your camera and verify you haven't got a lens cap on your camera. If this fails then:
    • Close Cyclops
    • Unplug your device
    • Plug your device back in again
    • Launch Cyclops
  2. If you have any other issues or require an instant refund then please contact me (see Contact section below)


  • This is an alpha release so any issues and / or suggestions please contact me (see Contact section below)
  • Please use responsibly (don't put anyone's safety at risk with it)

Release Notes:


For more info, support enquiries, suggestions etc or if you want to re-brand and embed this in your own product then you can contact me in the channels below:

  • Community: Post a topic in this page's community below or
  • EMail: Send an email to: cyclops@fireflytech.org
  • LinkedIn: My LinkedIn profile

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PlatformsWindows, Linux


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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