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Create and walk around terrain in this tiny terrain editor. A tiny demo app built using SimulationStarterKit. Download it for your Windows or Linux desktop or Android device below.


  1. Modify the terrain generation script
  2. Click "Generate Terrain" button
  3. Click "Walk" option to walk around (you can show / hide the editor windows by clicking the cog icon)

Hints / things to try:

  • Monument Valley: Try changing the persistence value from 0.25 to 0.75 i.e. change the line "terrainType:SetPersistence (0.25)" to "terrainType:SetPersistence (0.75)" to create a monument valley look
  • Corroded Valley: Try changing the persistence value greater still from 0.25 to 1.0 i.e. change the line "terrainType:SetPersistence (0.25)" to "terrainType:SetPersistence (1.0)" to create a corroded valley look
  • Arctic Valley: Turn the valley floor into an ice rink by changing the line "baseFlatTerrain:SetFrequency (2.0)" to "baseFlatTerrain:SetFrequency (0.0)"


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

tiny-terrain-ed-0.1.1-win64.zip 4 MB
tiny-terrain-ed-linux-x86-64.tar.gz 61 MB
tiny-terrain-ed_v1.apk 19 MB

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I see you did the slope dependant soil thing. Great job. It looks best closeup, like in FP perspective. When I imagine how big this terrain would be in a game - a whole world almost.

Looks great. I'd suggest terrain texture splatting, like rock on steep angles, and grass on flat ground, or snow, seaground etc depending on altitude (also may use vertex color for tainting).

Details are amamzing makes you wonder about the polycount. I'm having a hard time to get a decent terrain with the 32k tris max in a downward compatible directX setup. Then again, having like 10x10 of these allows to occlude most of it from rendering.

Amazing stuff you are making there.

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:-) Thanks for the comments. Yes, I've implemented terrain tiling (there's a demo scene in the Simulation Starter Kit editor that I built to build the demo...meta) but haven't integrated it yet. I really like your demos. Your fancy terrain demo lives up to its name. Tbh I didn't find occlusion culling (via occlusion queries) to be worth the effort but cpu based frustum culling...amazing, especially when combined with a little spatial partitioning (octree). I'll take your comments on board and look to pull some of that in.

Thanks, You too, may the Source be with you.

:-) Here's a link to the little tiled terrain demo (another work in progress): https://benmorris.itch.io/tiled-terrain